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the house ham - errr, model, Sylvester, of the white hour-glass tummyelegance at the moment Email Link

only way to get them all holding still - fence Why are all of my dogs black? Scroll down and read.

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* Cartridges that fit the Drinkwell fountain are the only "for sale" cat item on the site. I love cats and dogs. They love my drinking fountain. Works for me.

BlueLine Dynaflo I Cartridges by Hagen have been replaced in our inventory with US made cartridges by Ginger. Test the quality - email and ask for a free cartridge, specify 1516, which fits your Drinkwell pet fountain.
PolyCarb Cartridge for Dynaflo I, single - bulk pack, Ginger -- Fits Drinkwell Fountain, blue polyester on both sides, extra carbon, more than G series, much more than OEM cartridges.
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Made in USA

Order these on the page at Filter Media under the photo of my cat.

Click to feed rescued animals. The Animal Rescue Site. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on the purple box. I click it daily. Their advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate money/food to animals in shelters. They also sell really cool stuff on their site that benefits shelters. I shop there
Pass their web address along to people you know.

Why are all of my dogs black? Because 3 out of 4 are rescues.Because black dogs are euthanized at about 3 times the rate of any other color of dog, so they are more likely to need rescue.
Photo above: Bella, Bronx Gracie and Spike. Summer 2010
Focusing on animal rescue rather than selling dog and cat products. Facebook is an excellent place to volunteer, network animals in your local pound and share information with rescues, very rewarding, and many lives are saved. After reading Friendly Fire (available on Amazon) I no longer donate to national organizations like the aspca and hsus. I DO donate to local shelters including my LOCAL Humane society because money donated at the local level benefits actual animals, not executives and ad campaigns. Kurunda beds are also needed at many shelters. Volunteer, help an abandoned pet find a new home... And click at the animal rescue site.

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the house ham - errr, model, Sylvester
Filter Cartridges

elegance at the momentpound rescue, only a pound, nearly died of feline herpes, but has become the reigning queen at age 2 years

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Spike's favorite ball, request it at your favorite pet store. The Kong Stuff-A-Ball is made in USA. Spike is German Shepherd/Border Collie. He preferred a medium, and was still hoping to try out for the Rangers when he got diabetes insipidus and I was with him and petting him when I had him put down. He was 9 years old, but had had a lot of lumps and bumps for a few years. He played ball til the very end, it was the joy of his life. I changed all my dogs feed after Spike died, and Bronx's lumps are shrinking. I suspect GMO corn and soy sprayed with Roundup but I will never know. I just changed their feed. Spike working on his catching. My grandson dressed him as the green lantern - anything for a ball game

Dog Toys

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The perfect couple. Bronx thinks he's a cat, Alex thought he was a dog. Rescued from different pounds, these friends from death row parted when I found Alex a home to make room for a litter of kittens I couldn't find homes for right away.

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