1516 Cartridge for Dynaflo I, Drinkwell Pet Fountain, Niagara 100, Made in USA by Ginger Products. PolyCarb Cartridges contain 1/2 again the professional grade carbon of OEM cartridge for longer effectiveness at removing contaminants. Email us for a free sample cartridge.

Item 1215, also by Ginger, fits the Dynaflo III system, large cartridge (6 5/8 x 6 3/4), again more carbon. It is a 1 pack, sealed, rather than bulk pack, since they do not sell as fast, but we will continue to supply cartridges for our Dynaflo III customers at the best quality and most reasonable cost we can find. We're happy with the feedback we are getting from these cartridges. If you want to test one out, email and request a sample. We will cheerfully send you one! This item is also available for less money in bulk pack, items 1546 and 1547.

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