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Warranty and Refund Policy

Everything Fishy offers a level of customer contact, support and expertise unavailable anywhere on the Internet. Our goal is to emulate a small local pet store with very experienced owners and staff. We do this by offering you the same hand-picked, high quality products that we have always offered our maintenance customers. We also offer experienced customer support before, during and after purchase. Our prices are as competitive as our cost structure allows, and will probably drop over time. We do not ship aquariums or fish due to their fragility and the high cost of shipping.

We do not wish to replace high-quality pet stores that offer our level of knowledgeable service. We do recognize that every year fewer of these remain in business, and fewer consumers have access to them. So Everything Fishy's niche is to bring today's aquarium hobbyist some of the service we were privileged to enjoy when we started out.

Because of the support readily available by email, fax and phone, we do not offer refunds when we ship what you ordered, and it arrives intact. Our refund policy is as follows:

Merchandise Purchases: No monetary refunds. Will reship item if damage claim is filed with carrier. May exchange item if circumstances warrant an exchange, and the cost is similar. Customer is responsible for return freight unless the item was mis-shipped by us, or damaged by a carrier.

Merchandise items, particularly pumps, heaters, and hardware are warranted by the manufacturer. Manufacturer's warranties as listed on product package will be honored. Warranty is limited to replacement of defective product. Damages to other equipment or livestock are specifically excluded from manufacturer's and Everything Fishy's warranty.

Consulting: No refunds.
Pond Service: No refund, return service call "make good" policy.
Aquarium Service: No refunds, return service call "make good" policy.
Handywoman Services: No refunds, return service call "make good" policy.
Bee Removal Services: No refunds, return service call "make good" policy.


Fax: (817) 293-1782
Phone (817) 293-1782 Return to Everything Fishy Home

Monthly maintenance on your freshwater tank, or bi-weekly maintenance on your marine tank, will help to keep it, and your fish, healthy and attractive. We accept special orders for supplies and equipment. If they pass our testing standards, we will stock them on a regular basis.

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