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Watch out for yellow rock
We built this in August 2004, and that yellow sandstone was hand-picked, as it went admirably with the customer's brick. Little did we know that it was going to leach lime into the water. The submerged stones and falls have been changed out since, and a bog filter was added in 2005. It did look nice, initially. Then the water went green, much to our surpise.
I really like this photo. Aside from the greenish water, this pond was doing magnificently. But the customer wasn't happy with the clarity and neither was I. A UV light had cleared the pond for a day or 2, but it had re-clouded with green water. The temperature of the water was also running hot -- which was contributing to the problem. Note open fountain head to cool the end away from the falls. We took this shot before raiding the plants and putting part of them up in a bog filter.
The bog filter did a nice job, initially, of clearing the green water. After a UV light had failed. But in time it became obvious that either the stone or the water supply were having an interesting effect on plant life. The bog filter was still a great addition, with the heat generated around this pond by concrete patio, reflection from brick, and a southern exposure. (This is Texas.) Leach testing on the rock brought more changes, as the stone failed magnificently. Photo August 9, 2005. The black tube near the statue is water output from the UV light.
See the Algae page for more info on testing stone before it grows algae.
The submerged yellow sandstone was all removed. (photo August 2nd 2006). And the re-designed water fall and bog filter now share a larger pump, for better cooling. A larger UV light is still running, but how long it will be needed is uncertain, as the plant food supply has been reduced. And the new waterfall is a bit different from the norm, but we like it. (most importantly, so does the customer.)
I wish bog plants did this well everywhere. Water composition is a big part of pond success including plant life and algae. We're still researching some minor factors that may influence this a great deal. The real tadpoles like this pond too!

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