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Pond in Euless, Texas, near Fort Worth. Approximately 12 ft x 8 ft. Liner size 20 x 30. One piece of liner for entire pond and waterfall. Pump: Danner Mag-Drive 18, 1800 gph drives the entire system. We built the filters into multiple waterfall tiers, matala, pond matting and lava rock in bags handle mechanical and biological filtration. Plants in basins assist. Aeration from main waterfall splashes a lot. No lighting, tight budget. Moss rock, a bit on the yellow side and silvermist flag are the rocks used. Some stone from the prior pond was re-used.
There was already a pond here, but it was shallow, and the fish were large. Before photo, April 23, 2010. before
The build only took a weekend, some digging, a lot of mortar busting, but the pond is small. We were in the middle of cleanups, so I didn't get back for a month. And the koi had mudded the pond out. area
Another view. In these pics our landscape plants are alive. The drought killed them around August. Best reaon to have a pond during a drought? To have one green spot in the yard.

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