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No, we did NOT build this
A picture is worth 1000 words. This bid request came in email, but the site was pretty inaccessible, featuring that incredible Dallas traffic during our busiest season of the year. The customer emailed photos.
The bid / design composite. Normally I do not bid ponds by email without checking site soil composition and grade, but having to do it all online did produce an interesting and challenging piece of artwork to duplicate.
The finished product: The soil composition did not allow the rock and ledge treatment that I had in mind. It takes good solid undisturbed dirt to support heavy rock, and her prior pond-builder had exchanged her native clay soil for a mixture of several sands and some mulch. But given the difficulty of hitting solid ground, I don't think we did too badly. We were not able to place facers along the inner edge at water line due to the lack of solid support for them. The pond also grew a bit from the design size, as a result. This was taken immediately after construction was finished. See below for the final deck-out with landscape and accent plantings. Transformation date: June 4th 2005. Terrestrial plantings installed June 7th, in time to settle in before the customer's party the following weekend.
The problem with some jobs is I want to build a 4000 dollar pond, and my customer doesn't have the budget. The original rebuild was 1000 on this one. With a bit more budget I could build a perimeter wall strong enough to deal with her soil issues and raise the whole pond. The other option I see as superior would be to switch her to an artificial water fall, which would let me lower some of the support stuff that brings the liner below this waterfall into view, AND exposes it to a lot of sunlight. There is however quite a grade issue around her house, a buildup, and runoff, which I would have to redirect around that waterfall, or all of the shingle crumbs will end up in the pond. I draped scrap liner over the area showing the worst sunburn, it will be fine for another year. Filter was changed to a Tetra PF1 in about 2007, pump died at 3+ years in summer 2009 and has been replaced. I believe I took this waterfall pic BEFORE I added whatever silvermist or colorado flag that was in my truck to the falls. It was too dark for more pics. I'll see it again in spring 2010. Little by little it is improving.
The above photo does have the colorado flag in the falls. The original stone seemed to be contributing to excessive plant and algae growth, hence the change. I'm still not happy with it, but the customer thinks it is fine.
There is also the matter of how the pond looks in the yard. Not bad actually.

Photo date: June 7th 2005.

Photo date: August 11 2009.

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