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The last pond to get worked on is always mine.
But for anyone that is interested, here is the Sept 2 2004 version. Obviously the lawn needed mowed. The pond was just under 2 years old at this time, and an unsuccessful snake hunt thru the rocks had caused some of the disorder behind the falls.
The winter pond - clear, all the plants are dormant, and the fish really are too. Major revisions have been going on over the winter, but the fish didn't notice a thing. The white square bucket is a big prefilter for the pump. Big enough that I only have to clean it about twice a year. Since I get tired of cleaning prefilters, I'd like mine to be really low maintenance.
Not quite the same fish. The snake ate a few of the old ones before we finally caught it. Photo taken November 4, 2006. Clarity is good. Haven't done a fall cleanup yet, but it really ought to have one. The windblown debris is there, in honesty, and the lotus has already gone dormant. (empty basket). The changes aren't obvious in this photo, nor are they quite complete. The plumbing is not all hidden. But this isn't a show pond. It's mine, and the fish are healthy, the snake is gone, and that is good enough.
Some of the changes become apparent. Water volume is doubled. The wall is not quite complete, but the birds love to use that narrow bit of exposed liner as a perch while getting a drink. Real tadpoles like this pond too! No koi or snakes to eat them.
The waterfall isn't finished yet. Still too much black liner showing, but it doesn't leak either.
Bits of plumbing need concealed, but it was put together in spare time. This winter will be time enough.
June 2007 - the year of black eyed susans.
August 2007 - obviously that piece of tubing is still there.
September 2007 - Feeding time.
May 2008 - cell phone pic.
May 2008 - cell phone pic.
July 2008 - cell phone pic. I waited over a year for this bloom!
August 2009 - celebrating the new camera!

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