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Pond in west Fort Worth, Texas. Approximately 14 ft x 8 ft x 2.5 ft deep, volume around 1800 gallons, virtually no stone in the water. No skimmer. The waterfall originally in the hill was leaking all the water off the sides, so we rebuilt and leveled the sides, and added stone that doesn't grow algae to shape and shade the stream. Filter is built into one of the pools in the hill, no canister, just media and plants. Photo August 2013. Work done in July 2013
Before photo, side view July 2013 before
Before photo, Front view. Notice we brought the front wall in, leaving a bit more yard before the pond, and reducing liner size and budget. before
After July 2013 before
Got to see this pond again to clean and touch up in 2014 before the house went on the market. before
And when the new owner called in February 2016. The real test of a pond is what it looks like after time passes, without maintenance one that is full of stone usually ends up full of algae. I am pleased with this one. Showed the owner where we hid the filter. before

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