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Pond in Haslet, Texas, near Fort Worth. Approximately 18 ft x 13 ft. Liner size 20 x 30. Additional liner used on waterfall.
Pumps: CAL Torpedo 4000 for Waterfall, Danner Pondmaster 4800 for 2 waterfall filters.
We built the filters in, matala, pond matting and lava rock in bags handle mechanical and biological filtration.
Aeration from main waterfall, and filter returns splash a lot. Electrical is extension cord until it can be installed.
Lighting control and electrical under stone in left corner of this photo. Lighting: Savio halogen lights, this was 2010.
Sadly we discovered that well water in the Haslet area likes to be green. It is loaded with gypsum, comes out at a pH of 9, with no calcium,
plants that are not potted in dirt and fed heavily will die, while slimy green algae flourishes. Adjust pH on this water takes advanced chemistry,
not stuff from the pond store. We fought the good fight for at least 5 years, this pond is no longer in existence.
A country lawn that has never been sodded, and good solid ground since we dug BEFORE the rain, let us use a backhoe. Before photo, May 12 2010. Since we put the liner in the same day, it wasn't much before
Liner in and some of the rock is on. We made a start on the waterfall under structure.
The pump is running! The filter is running. The fish can move in.
Testing the waterfall. The fish are exploring, water won't clear until the mud comes out. Since the fish uprooted every plant they could find, it could be a while.
Waterfall foam isn't pretty, but it makes the water run on TOP of the stone, instead of under it. It can be trimmed when dry.
The finished waterfall.
The finished pond. Front.
The finished waterfall back. The raised area is the dirt we dug out of the pond, and the beginning'of the owner's raised flowerbeds.

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