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Pond in Grapevine, Texas. Approximately 15 ft x 8 ft x 2.5 ft deep, volume around 1200 gallons, very little stone under water. Liner size 15 x 20. One piece of liner for entire pond and waterfalls. Pump: Customer pump around 3000 gph drives the entire system. Yard is large with grade issues both sides. Kept original biofalls, eliminated skimmer. Photo Jan 10, 2013, 18 months after built, after first cleanup. (We left in the dark after building.)
Before photo, June 29, 2012, pond itself before
Before showing retaining wall next to pond as well June 29, 2012. before
Before Showing right side retaining wall, no way up to service filter June 29, 2012 before
Before - tiny hole with liner out (there were a dozen koi in that hole)Photo July 7, 2012 before
After. It was dusk so photo quality is poor. July 9 2012 photo. after dark
Once the lights were on. And once the stairs were done being stained. July 9, 2012 after dark. area
18 months later we cleaned it up, and here it is. Jan 10, 2013. area

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