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Pond in Granbury, Texas. Approximately 22 ft x 15 ft x 2.5 ft deep, volume around 1800 gallons, stone eats up the volume. Liner size 25 x 30.
One piece of liner for entire pond and waterfalls. Pump: Customer pump around 4000 gph drives the entire system.
Yard is large with grade issues both sides. Single biofalls divides to 2 streams (not a recommended technique.)
Liner change (rebuilding and drainage correction as well) in Granbury, Texas, build March 2012, Approx 1500 gallons.
Runoff from rain ran across drive, under the liner of this small koi pond, washing mud into the pond and mud out from under it.
Add a few tree roots and the liner was destroyed.

We added perforated drain pipe between the drive and the pond to direct water to the low area on the other side of the yard.
Standard aquascape biofalls divides into 2 streams. Skimmer sat low and wasn't functioning well on site so removed and dropped pump into bottom,
low end of pond. Before we did this, the skimmer ran over into the yard when the pond was half empty. Also prevents pump burn-ups when owners travel.
Poor drainage on the other side of the pond, caused damage in 2010 and we cleaned it, then rebuilt the wall UNDER the liner before replacing stone at the top.
Fish can't swim in rock, we had to move some stone up to anchor wall repairs.
If you are going to put in a pond, correcting site drainage issues is recommended.
We did not install this one, only cleaned and repaired on multiple occasions until drainage issues were resolved by owners.
After photo, after dark on March 2, 2012 during refill. We didn't see the pond in daylight finished until May.
The erosion and tree roots damaged the old liner. During photo, March 1, 2012.
Pond before liner pulled out, after leak established. March 1, 2012
In 2010 we raised the back wall and pulled the skimmer. Out of town jobs don't have great photos but we certainly fought the drainage on this one a few years. At least this pic is daylight, 2010.
Also from 2010, after cleaning, the double falls in daylight.

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