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There was no pond here before. This is the area for the pond in a North Dallas back yard. Photos and work, September 2008. the space
Cut to the chase - no in progress pics taken, we built this in 2 or 3 days.
Waterfall closeup. The water is still a bit murky from dust off of the rocks, but it did clear. There is absolutely no mortar anywhere on this pond. Some waterfall foam - chemically inert. Most of the rocks are just stacked and centered so that gravity and inertia hold them in place.
The new waterfall - side view. There is a wide plant ledge in this area as well! The island is a flat piece of moss rock on a milk crate - no concrete blocks in this pond to grow algae. I expect it to be more beautiful next September, not an algae pit.
Fish on steps. Most of the bottom of this pond is bare liner, but since the small dogs were doubtless going to do a little exploring, we built stepped plant shelves and surfaced them with stone to protect the liner from puppy claws.
About 10 days later, after the water began to clear. Photo taken too late in the day to really show how crystal clear this pond is./td>
Some of the dust settled on the stones, but you can see each stone much better in this late afternoon photo.
Extra shot while still muddy.
Another shot cleared. There is a difference.
A year makes a difference too. Summer, I think July, 2009. The plants could use some thinning.
Summer, 2009. Clarity is not an issue.
The falls have some algae on them. The plants are, ahem, profuse.
But the rest of the yard is a garden too. It all works out. Summer 2009.

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