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Pond in Trophy Club, Texas, near Fort Worth. Approximately 18 ft x 11 ft. Liner size 20 x 30. Petmate 5500 gph pump in a good sized pre-filter. Filter: Tetra PF3 hides in the bushes, return comes in over the red stone. Aeration from waterfall, filter return and fountain on plant shelf end.
A St Augustine lawn that backs up to a golf course. Before photo, August 30, 2009. Photos and work, December 09 - Jan 2010. area area
A day's digging can make a difference. Sod was removed to an area that needed it.
Liner in, the extra flaps of liner are scrap to protect the main liner from rough edged granite.
The pump is running! And we are prepared for the rain that is coming in.
All the stone on-site is on the pond. The fish are in the pond. The plants are in the pond. But that waterfall top is the only flat stone on the pond. It just doesn't match...and we need a few more boulders.
The finished waterfall.
The finished pond. The only shot that shows the petrified wood seat and 'table' at the corner.
The finished pond. It will grow and bloom as the plants come out of dormancy. It will clear when it finishes cycling. Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter bacteria multiply very slowly in cold temperatures, and while they are still multiplying some haziness is normal. Mud on boots adds a bit of haze too.

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