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available online at Everything Fishy.

Keeping Murphy Out of Your Aquarium is available at these fine pet stores

Actually, Boutique Pets went out of business in October 2010, after 42 years, the economy, and the big box stores killed it. Any pet store that would like to carry Murphy is welcome to contact Everything Fishy by email or call us at 817-293-1782. Wholesale prices available, even on small book orders. The medicine section is being updated and it is being prepped for a downloadable pdf type format as of December 20, 2011. Thanks for visiting.

    In Dallas, Texas:

  • Boutique Pet Shop, 9035 Garland Rd, just west of Buckner Blvd., at Oldgate Lane. CLOSED October 2010

  • The Golden Leash & Fish -- closed in December 1998, after 30 years. Support your local pet store with healthy fish and knowledgeable help. If there isn't one, buy your supplies from Everything Fishy, and use 'Keeping Murphy Out Of Your Aquarium' to turn sick fish into healthy ones. (I drive to Dallas to buy fish.)

front cover'Keeping Murphy Out Of Your Aquarium',

by Alice Burkhart, is published by Intelli-Type.

You may order a single copy of this book retail from

Everything Fishy.com

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New color cover, new information added in the second printing. This book will save your time, money, and fish.

What does Murphy have to do with fish anyway? or some title or another should come out some time in 2012. It will include: fishless cycling, have more species-particular information on most freshwater fish, cichlids and their peculiarities, several diseases that don't seem to have names yet, more advanced tank-planning, good freshwater fishkeeping in ponds, and possibly an introduction to marine fishkeeping. An accompanying CD with photos, and possibly a tank planner/cross referenced disease and condition search engine are on the drawing board. For the time being, with the new copper and formalin resistant strain of freshwater ich, and the new tetracycline resistant strain of enteric septicemia, I'm touching up the original Murphy with an updated disease and medication section, and trying to get it out in a downloadable format in early 2012, before pond season starts. I've vastly reduced the size of the online store because we just cannot compete with ebay and amazon pricing, and there is no sense spending THAT much time losing money. Re-focusing. It really is all about the fish.

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Keeping Murphy Out Of Your Aquarium

"Keeping Murphy Out of Your Aquarium" copyright 1997, 1998 by Alice Burkhart. Website Copyright 1999 - 2011 by Alice Burkhart All Rights Reserved.
(typos and all - and in 12 years, I've accumulated a few typos..)