Fritz-Zyme #7 Freshwater.

Item 497, Saltwater bacteria, 32 oz, treats 40 gallons

Real Bacteria in a bottle. Shelf life is short: buy only what you will use in the next 3 months, but it is valuable to have on hand. Fritz-Zyme naturally processes ammonia and nitrites with real nitrosococcus and nitrococcus bacteria that multiply in your tank. Other products recommend that you add them once a week, so the enzymes that DON'T multiply can process the ammonia and nitrites, and starve your bio-filter. Use on new tanks, cycling tanks, and when medication damages your biological filter. 6 month maximum shelf life. Gallon size also available. With the price of marine stock, only the correct bacteria will do. Use in live rock culturing tanks to eliminate the ammonia spike. Use when moving or doing large water changes on saltwater aquariums whether fish only or reef tanks. Compare to $9.00 for 16 oz of products containing enzymes and millions of freshwater heterotrophic bacteria, that do not form a healthy, lasting, biological filter. There is NO comparable product. (and major university studies agree.)
Contains nitrosococcus and nitrococcus bacteria, the correct bacteria for saltwater environments.

Saltwater Fritz-Zyme 9 is also on the marine page.

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