454 4 oz. Melafix antibacterial remedy has been EF tested. And it's a good product. Use for externally visible bacterial infections such as mouth and eye fungus, white patches on body, fin rot (disappearing fins). Actually doesn't harm the biological filter, safe combined with Maracyn 2, Tetra Anti-Bacterial Food. Treats the same skin damage, fin damage, true and bacterial fungus that Maracyn does. EF testing results: as good as or better than Maracyn on fin rot. Not yet tested in combination with copper products, other drugs. Safe with catfish, loaches and plecos. Not a true chemical antibiotic, but a highly effective treatment.

Quote from box: Melafix uses the antibacterial power of...TeaTree for the treatment of bacterial infections in fresh and saltwater fish...Melafix rapidly heals wounds and damaged fins. Tissue regrowth can be seen within four days of treatment.

Dosage: 1 teaspoon per 10 net gallons of water. To acclimate fish treat daily for 3 days. To control infections treat daily for 7 days. Fish start eating heartily around day 4, infection blocked at day 7. May take longer for fins to completely grow back. Do partial water change before repeating treatment if necessary.

4 oz bottle treats 240 US gallons.

Fresh Carbon will remove this medicine from the water.

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