1428 Tetracycline 250mg/10ct Aquatrol will treat ES, will make aquarium water look brownish during treatment. Recommend 7 day treatment. Do not combine with anti-parasite treatments containing metronizadole. Metronizadole and tetracycline are less effective (or totally ineffective) when used in combination.

Effective against:

Tetracycline is labeled as safe for aquatic plants and biological filters, but is not EF tested in marine environments.
Brownish discoloration of water and bubbling are known side effects. May cause some unusual algae growth of several varieties on live plants. After 7 day run is completed, on day 8, use water changes and carbon to begin removing the tetracycline. Live plants with fuzz may be dipped in a weak bleach water solution, rinsed, and put back in the tank.

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