Image not available yet 1201 Ginger cartridges that fit: Whisper 'Medium' or size 1-2-3, Compact, Dynaflo 2, Dynaflo 150, 310 & 450 TetraTec PF150 & PF300, all Triad, Concorde 180. Cartridges contain 1/2 again the carbon of most cartridges for longer effectiveness at removing contaminants. Email us for a free sample cartridge.
If you want to test one out, email and request a sample. We will cheerfully send you one!

Ginger cartridge class specifics:
Ginger G Series and Bio/Carb Brands are constructed with white polyester on both sides, plus an ample supply of our professional grade carbon. WE GUARANTEE that these cartridges will outperform the OEM cartridges provided with the filters!

Ginger Premium Quality Brand cartridges are constructed with blue polyester on both sides, plus more professional grade carbon than our Poly/Carb Brand. Zeolite has been added for ammonia protection.

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