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Everything Fishy is a family aquarium, pet and pond business, which offers aquatic maintenance services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of North Texas. Because the maintenance business gives us a lot of problems to solve in aquariums and ponds, we have the opportunity to test the quality of most of what we sell. Service on web site orders is occasionally slower when local business is particularly busy, in April and May. This is reflected in the shipping times you will find on your order receipt. Usually your in-stock items arrive well before those dates. We do not have a storefront. Our only storefront is on the Internet, where the playing field is more level. Our purpose is to be sure that quality products remain available to hobbyists, not just the products good for the profit margin of the corporations. We are the little old fish store around the corner, not quite as fancy, quick or cheap as the corporate giants, but we try to make up for that with quality products, honest, experienced help, and the best service we can manage on any given day..

Everything Fishy does not seek to put your local independent fish store out of business by offering below-cost products. You'll find our prices are not that much different from a local fish store's. Rather we encourage you to help keep the small shops in business. Many small fish stores are family-owned, and they may have 50+ years of fishkeeping experience in that tiny shop. They are your fastest source for medicine if your fish are sick. And they sell fish, we do not. However many communities no longer have a small fish shop, as operating costs are high; and the chain stores offer retail prices comparable to the costs we (and those small fish shops) pay wholesale. Everything Fishy is an alternative to asking questions and buying products from someone that was flipping hamburgers last week. That's our niche. We also ship to remote areas where no local fish stores exist.

Everything Fishy has access to approximately 200,000 individual aquarium and pond items. We do not stock all of them, but cheerfully accept special orders. The best of our special order items end up being carried as stock. We continue to test products and encourage customer feedback on any aquatics item, whether we carry it or not. We do not have a catalog at this time, as we are re-defining our inventory, yet again. Constant product tests make Everything Fishy the BEST place to shop for products that promote the health of your fish, and the enjoyment of the fishkeeping hobby.

Introduction and History
Everything Fishy's online pet supply division owes its existence to a greedy leasing company that refused to renew the lease on my favorite pet store. The leasing company insisted that the store move to a less visible location. Moving a pet store costs a lot, so after nearly 30 years in business, they closed. After shopping there for 10 years, and running an aquarium and pond maintenance company for 3 years, I was spoiled. Most shops didn't carry the products I was comfortable with. Instead, their inventory was similar to that of the large chain pet stores, who shall remain nameless. The health of some pet stores' fish reflected the difference in maintenance products and technique as well. I couldn't find what I needed, and nearly closed my maintenance business.

But, I had a customer that didn't want a new aquarium maintenance company. So I hunted for supplies, and ended up finding wholesalers. I still have to buy fish somewhere. I now quarantine every fish I buy, and periodically get surprised by a new disease or a tougher strain of ich. I will not sell fish except to my maintenance customers, because I have enough fish demanding my attention now. Any good fishkeeper knows that attention divided too far can equal a disaster in the making.

Since the products I found may be equally difficult for you to find, Everything Fishy online was born. I sell only the most effective aquarium maintenance products I have used. If I haven't tried it, or it hasn't been thoroughly tested by an objective party, it may be on the site due to customer demand, but it is labelled "Not EF Tested". If I tried it and didn't get the results I should have, it isn't on this site. If you are looking for a difficult-to-find product, recommend it by email. I can probably locate it as a special order for you. I will also test it. Out of 11 tanks, I'm sure I can find one to test it in. If it gets by my standards for effectiveness and safety, I'll stock it.

'Keeping Murphy Out Of Your Aquarium' owes its existence to my old LFS. While the store owners offered solid information on freshwater and marine fish, and had healthy marine stock, the prospect of keeping a reef scared me all the way to the library. In the course of studying saltwater, I learned why various things were occurring in my freshwater tanks. I took what they taught me, my direct experience, my extensive library research, and wrote it all down before I forgot, as the parents index for a children's book on aquarium keeping. Soon the index was larger than the children's book, and it became 'Keeping Murphy Out Of Your Aquarium'. The children's book may be completed, in 10 years or so.

Part of my final research included working for a large pet store on the weekends for several months. The customers educated me, with the questions they asked, on what was really important to them. I added a couple of chapters that I'd ruled out as 'too technical' based on those questions. The store accidentally educated me on what was wrong with their water system that adversely affected the health of their fish, and how to keep them alive after purchase.

Some people get mad, some get even, and some try to change the world for the better. I'm aiming for the latter. Thanks for visiting,

Alice Burkhart
Owner, Everything Fishy.
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As of 1/9/07, this page is still under construction. All material on this page is Copyright 1999 - 2007 by Alice Burkhart. Keeping Murphy Out Of Your Aquarium is Copyright 1997, 1998 by Alice Burkhart, All Rights Reserved. Murphy's Cover Photos by Andrew M Burns. Top of Page