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Why you should buy from Everything Fishy

Read what our customers have to say

Number one most Frequent Question: Do we have a storefront? Answer: No. And we never will. We are an aquarium and pond maintenance company. The online store helps use up some of what we carry for our local service customers. We try to offer you a good price on great stuff, the better products available in aquatics. We do not have the staff to man a storefront consistently. Number 2 question: When will my order ship? Usually next day. Most frequent season for shipping delays: March thru June, pond season.
1. Exclusive Selection If we don't know it to be one of the best products for the job, it's not available. Hertz and Wardley flake foods flunked my fish's taste tests. They aren't here. Scientific and in-house tests on dechlorinators, bacterial supplements, air pumps, foods, test kits, the small expense items that you have to have, but we think they should also work.

2. Competitive Prices on products that are better for your fish. We don't carry the same chlorine remover that the big stores do. Ours is made in the USA, and one teaspoonful treats 100 gallons. And sells for, hmmm $14 a pint? Try to find that at the big box. Their teaspoon treats 20 gallons. And we carry many items that are NOT available and can not be special ordered from the large pet stores and discount store pet departments. Example: Fritz-Zyme 7 and Fritz-Zyme 9 (rated the best bacteria supplement on the market in an independent university study.), undergravel and sponge filters, both of which offer better filtration at lower operating costs than the external filters big box stores specialize in. We are attempting to limit selection to either made in USA or where there is not a US made product, best cost for us, best price for you. Many aquarium additives do more harm than good, and we do not carry those at all. We no longer carry canister or power filters, they are too expensive to keep in inventory, and too heavy and fragile to ship economically. We are focused. We do what we do well.

3. Faster, more personal service. At this day and time, December 2011, we do the best we can. Shipping is often next day, via Priority Mail. Shipping is only going to go up, we will adapt as things change. We'll attempt to email and let you know what is going on, but if you have any question, feel free to call us at at 817-293-1782 and we'll be happy to answer your query. Please leave a message if you get voicemail. Or email us at Most items are in stock and ready to go, every day. Most ship the following business day. Medicines the top of the customer notification list if a delay may occur. If we are out of stock, we'll let you know by email if it is a life-support item. Plastic plants are not all in stock anymore. If you order them, please allow 10 days. We can still beat the big box price, but we aren't maintaining the inventory on decor. Please provide a good phone number, if I'm trying to rush an order out the door and a simple substitution needs approved, it is easiest by phone. Please be sure your email address is correct on your order. We do not spam, we never have.

4. Special orders, special questions are welcome. If you don't know exactly what you need, but you know what it needs to do, and it has to do with fish, (pond or aquarium) we probably know about it or we know who to call to find out. We'll get you an answer as quickly as possible. We no longer accept phone orders easily. I am often driving, working on an aquarium or a pond. We now accept paypal and google wallet, both of which require YOU to enter your credit card number. I can't do it. I can email you an invoice which you can pay online, when I get into the office.
5. As of August 2013, Everything Fishy is 14 years old, and we are changing again. The online marketplace is not the level playing field it once was, so we are reducing the number of items we carry, shifting the emphasis toward water gardens and ponds, but maintaining the better filtration products we have always handled, and keeping our background selection as current as our present sources allow. This smaller, leaner inventory should allow faster shipments on the filtration and other products you NEED, and let you go pick out poly-silk plants from a local pet store that has them, but may not have the best in filtration and other essential stuff. Change is an ongoing process.

We are expanding our local services. I have great guys on my crew, we have built ponds, I have a background in home repairs, insulation and energy efficiency. Our insurance won't cover roofing, electrical or plumbing, and we probably won't be doing any remodels, but for minor repairs that make your home more comfortable - windows caulked etc., I can do that. Something bigger, well the guys and I can do that. Just no kitchen remodels, please. Also we've branched into beekeeping Swarm removals, planting to attract bees, organic gardening, these are all on the list. More items will be added.

Auld Lang Syne. We used to be able to ship overseas without it costing an arm and both legs, we don't do that anymore. A lot of great products are no longer available. But if you want to reminisce, keep reading. If not, well never mind. I'll delete this old stuff on the next edit.

Why you should buy from Everything Fishy
in our customer's words and our replies:
Check out our reviews at

Subject: Re: Everything Fishy Order Receipt
Date: Sep 8, 2010 4:16 PM
Hi Alice!
The 2 bottles of Fritzzyme #7 arrived yesterday! Just picked them up today...WOW, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for selling me some VERY FRESH batches...5+ months on the expiration date! Everything Fishy is, pardon my expression, the Mecca for FRESH Fritzzyme products! NO offense intended! Thanks again, and have a GREAT month/year! Aloha! Robin
(Hawaii needs its FritzZyme too)

Sent: Tuesday, September 12, 2000 11:39 AM
Subject: Re:
Pond heater
I would like some advice on what type of heater to use to keep my 165 gallon water pond(McCort) warm enough so that my Plecostomus could spend the winter in my pond, I am in McCurtain county OK, South East corner,about 3 hours from Dallas Metro. Thanks in advance

There are no pond heaters that will really keep your pond warm enough for your pleco. Ice-break heaters are available, as of 2010, finally, after the big freeze. Normally in North Texas, moving water won't freeze, but a pleco is dead at 55 degrees. What I tried in 1999 in my 1000 gallon was a 250 or 300 watt Acura submersible. It did not make a dent in raising the temperature, but I have 1000 gallons. Also, they just aren't safe for outdoor use, and I would worry about the heater getting up against my vinyl liner and melting it. Now, you have a 'hardshell' pond that is less vulnerable to melting, and I still have that Acura. (It saw about 10 days use, and I don't have a tank large enough to need it). I still don't recommend it.

No heaters are rated as OK for outdoor use. But PennPlax has a new line of UL approved aquarium heaters. (No aquarium heaters have been UL listed up until now, they couldn't pass the test. This means none, being sold for 30+ years, have really been rated as safe.)
This line is also not rated as OK for outdoor use. But they are submersible, in an unbreakable metal tube, and will cut off if taken out of water. (I nearly burned my house down when I grabbed the wrong cord and plugged in an Acura that was laying on carpeting. Melted some carpet and noticed the smell.)

The deal is, if I sell you one, I have to assume it is being used in an aquarium. I can't warranty that it will make the pond safe for the pleco. I can't say it won't touch the side of the McCourt and melt it, I can't warranty it as safe, and can't say that PennPlax says it's OK for ponds. They don't. I can say it is probably the safest heater to experiment with. It is also one of the most expensive. I've got to contact my rep for pricing. Let me know if you want to order one.
Alice Burkhart
Everything Fishy


I thank you for your honesty,you see I was told by a pet Store owner (a place called , D****** in Texarkana,ARK) that I could use any of the aquarium heaters,well I didn't think so, in fact he suggested 2 / 200 watt Thermo Compact heaters. I guess my pleco will spend his winter in an Aquarium in the house or in an inside water garden of a friends.
Is Everything Fishy your place ?
Thanks again

(NOTE: The UL Listed PennPlax heater was discontinued in 2009, too many people put them in saltwater tanks against mfgr suggestions.

Subject: Re: Sponge Filters
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 12:43:24 -0500

Samuel wrote:
Hi it's me again with another question I sure hope you can help me. I've read in some hobbie related articles that you should rinse your sponges once every month so they don't become clogged and stop doing their job? is that true? I have a 66gl. tank filtered by two air-driven sponges without airstones because I can see that the turbulance is dramatically increased by not using them. I never rinse my sponges and my fish never seem to show any distress, my water allways looks crystal clear. I know a local discus breeder who told me he hardly if ever rinsed his sponges and if you looked in his basement you'll witness what a fabulous collection of discus and assorted fish he houses. By the logic of the people who write those "rinse your filter once a month" this discus breeder should have a pile of dead fish but that's just what's not happening. If you wanted to grow infusoria wouln't rinsing the sponge defeat that purpuse?
I probably rinse my sponges twice a year, or when they look really gooey, and when I do it, I rinse them in cool dechlorinated water, usually what I took out of the tank during a water change. I do use air stones, and I change those probably every 3 to 6 months, to keep the flow up. I use good quality glass bead air stones, the kind I have marked on the site as "bulk glass bead air stone, 1". They're actually about an inch and a half long, and put out a lot of air..

I tell people not to change cartridges, etc., all the time, and they all read the boxes on their filters and throw their biological filters into the trash. I won't even carry Biowheels anymore, after finding from personal experience that virtually none of the bacteria reside on the wheel, it's all in the cartridge, and the box lies too much for me. I just carry replacement parts and cartridges on them. Good question. Have a good day.
Alice Burkhart


The order left on Thursday, with a little more expensive pump at no extra charge. We get them out the door as quickly as possible. But, when our wholesale order ends up doing a grand tour of another state enroute from Texas to Texas, it's out of our control. This is why your card is never charged until your order is in the box. You will be notified by email if a substitution will allow faster shipment, because we never change your order without your permission. And we notify you by email when your order ships, or fails to ship due to a delay. If there is a question in the comments section, such as 'have I ordered the correct item for my marine tank', we will contact you via email, especially if you haven't ordered what you need for your stated purpose, and we'll do our best to make sure you get what you actually need. There are times when being a small company has its advantages. Fewer forms to file if changes are made, fewer 'rules' and less red tape. We hope to keep our small company flexibility as our company grows. Thank you for visiting Everything Fishy. AB
I just wanted to say thank you for all of the fine advice in your booklet "Keeping Murphy Out Of Your Aquarium". About 20 of years ago
I had two tanks that were a constant worry and frustration as I watched fish after fish die, and had no clue as to the reason. Well, after discovering your book on the internet and than reading it, I decided to try it again and now our new 44 gallon tank is up and running smoothly with NO deaths! And.... I now know the reason why!
Again, Thank you.
Jim Dickie

p.s. All of the new products available on the market for aquariums now is a true revelation to me!

International Shipping Questions. Only a few, but they are growing.

Note: The cost of overseas shipping is HIGH. As of December 2011, it is enabled for Canada and the United Kingdom. Shipping liquids has been an issue as well. Some items can go drop-shipped into Canada, England, Australia. Email with your questions and I'll see whether we can handle the order, and what shipping will cost at the current time..

Email quotes:

To and From Voilet in Jamaica:
Sept 15, 2000
Voilet wrote:
Received power filter package today in good condition.
Thank you for letting me know that you received the Millennium OK. Have the plastic plants arrived yet? They weighed under a pound so I thought they might get there faster. This one still took a full month, but with its weight, I'm not too surprised.
Sept 24, 2000

Voilet wrote:
Please do remember to let me know when you receive my ornaments so I can place my order
Thank you
I received one, and my vendor shipped the wrong item on the other one. I have the skeleton at the wheel, Item Temp75. I did get another shipwreck, more expensive and heavier (more expensive to ship). It's item 700, and will add $1.00 to your shipping I believe. It wasn't a good week for this mfgr. UPS still has one of the boxes, but I talked to the company and your rocking shipwreck isn't in the missing box. Which means another 10 to 14 days for me to get it in. I do have your siphon though. Let me know what you want to do, and I'll take care of it. Thank you,
Yes I will take item 700 and 75, plus the siphon . I will place my order by Monday 25 as I will choose a few more plants too. I do have one problem your stock is very nice and I just keep on buying, but keep it up you have a nice line to choose from.

Your note was so nice! I'm glad you like my shop. May I put your note on the customer feedback page? (minus your last name and email address of course.)
For sure you can that would nice
Sept 25, 2000

Voilet wrote:
I just placed my order but for the shipping address it should be JAMAICA W.I. ,the last "a" was left off again . Also let me know when you send my order so I can keep track of it. Thank you

I'll let you know. (It should go tomorrow, barring disaster.) Thank you for shopping with Everything Fishy.

I am located in Australia. I have read some references to international shipping in your shipping notes. However, I would like to ask the direct question of your policies regarding international orders.
1. Do you accept international orders?
2. Are there any areas or points I should keep in mind when ordering from Australia?
3. Do you currently have any customers from Australia, and are you able to inform me of any problems encountered when delivering here?
4. I will purchase via VISA - any prob's here?
5. Are there minimum orders?
Pls include any additional info you may feel relevant, as I am simply trying to make myself more comfortable with the idea of purchasing from someone so far away!!
Jesse W

I have customers in Hong Kong and Ireland. Australia is served by GlobalPriority Mail, so shipping itself isn't a problem. The main glitch I have encountered is that I cannot ship any kind of liquid via GPM, and my local post office is having a problem telling me whether I can ship liquids out of the country via regular mail.

While there is no minimum order for an international shipment, the total shipping and handling thru the site is $13.20. This is because my actual freight can easily run $18.00 depending on what is ordered, and if it comes in via credit card it is locked in, right or wrong I have to ship it. (If you would like to send a bank draft on a US bank on an order with pre-arranged contents and weight, arranged via email and sent to the PO box, add $9.00 shipping.) This covers an envelope about 10 x 12. The orders I have received are book orders, but there was room in the envelope for Maracyn tablets, or other small flat items. I am still working things out.
(this international shipping info revised 5/28/00 to reflect current postal information.)
I can ship liquids out of the country, but not via Global Priority Mail. I think International Mail via Air is limited to 4 lbs. If you want to email me with clues on what specific items you are interested in, I can get you better information on shipping, costs and approximate time that it will leave the U.S. This is a whole new world for Everything Fishy, which has been a local company for years. So far, everything is going out the door, but I am still learning the ropes. Thanks for your note.
Alice Burkhart

You say in your email that you are going thru a whole new phase from being a local company. If your comprehensive website and extremely quick response to my query is any indication, you're off to a great start!!
I will not be ordering liquids or rocks. My main interest is in plastic plants & books (your power supply is also different to ours which cancels all things powered).
From your shipping page, I noted the possible limitation of 2lb's per international order. Is this so? If it is, could I trouble you with an estimation on the wgt of plastic plants (between 8"-24").
I will come up with a dummy order over the next few days, which I will email to you for costing. I will aslo check on this "Global Priority Mail" system to ensure we support it.
Thank's and regards,
Jesse W

Keeping Murphy Out of Your Aquarium weighs around 8 oz. If 6 plastic plants weigh 8 oz, they don't weigh any more than that. I need to see about a shipping box that qualifies for GPM but won't let the plants get crushed. Hopefully I can get some answers from the Post Office today, if I start early in the morning.
Oh, and thanks for the compliment. I'm not sure the web site will ever be 100% of what I'd like it to be, it is nice to hear a different point of view.
Alice Burkhart
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